Meet a Math Teacher Who Is Also a Male Model

A PhD in engineering that loves to train his body. He teaches math and in math, theories are disapproved with counterexamples. So I think it’s safe to say that he is the counterexample to the myth that an exercised body means less intelligence!


What would you do if you realized your math teacher was actually a super successful – and super attractive – male model? Because that’s exactly what happened to University College London student Arief Azli, who (like any college kid) then shared his discovery on Facebook.

“That moment when you realized your maths lecturer is one of the top designer model,” Azli wrote in a post comparing two photos of his teacher, Pietro Boselli: One of Boselli at the whiteboard, papers in the hand; the other of him … not wearing very much at all.


“#OnlyatUCL,” Azli hashtagged it, adding: “#Bromance.”

Other students reportedly followed suit, sharing more photos of Boselli in the classroom.

According to his LinkedIn account, Boselli worked as a teaching assistant and then lecturer at UCL until June 2014. As for his modeling work, he’s represented by Models1.

His Instagram says he has a…

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“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” – Arthur Conan Doyle


Arthur Conan Doyle (1893) - Herbert Rose Barraud
Arthur Conan Doyle (1893) – Herbert Rose Barraud

Ted moments!

We love TED, it shares new ideas based on the activity of renown scientists, economists, artists, etc… It makes knowledge more accessible so we are proud to everyday share with you a TED video. Hope you enjoy it!


There’s an English proverb that says “necessity is the mother of invention”. I believe it to be incredibly truthful. We often don’t give any attention to problems which not affect us, nor our friends and family. However, when we experience let’s say for example a disease or some family member is afflicted by it, we change abruptly.

Kenneth Shinozuka was just four years old when in a stroll with his grandfather, he happen to experience one of the scariest moments in his life, as he recalls. His grandfather simply got lost…

This was a presage that later the family confirmed. His grandfather had Alzheimer’s disease.

Over the course of time his condition got worse and not only that but he also started wandering often.

So how did Kenneth turn the necessity to guarantee the safety of his grandfather into an invention? Well, that’s what you’ll find out in this 5min video.

Life… for what is it worth?

Some days you just find yourself wavering in your purpose… Life…for what are you worth?

What do we seek for our lives? Is it money, love, friendship, recognition, improvement,…?
The definition of success and greatness varies from person to person. There aren’t absolute paths for everyone, each one of us has to make its own path. Some will prefer money, fame and stress. While others will prefer the joy of a modest lifestyle, with friendship, values and love. This haven’t to be divergent lifestyles, however, most of the times there are walls hindering the mixture between this two types of living.

If you are questioning what got me thinking in these deep matter, I will answer you. It was the video below.

For me the meaning of life is straightforward. You strive everyday for surpassing limitations, help everyone you can and try to change the world (sharing knowledge, ideas, and love).

  • 1st – Strive everyday for surpassing limitations

Whatever its fears, diseases or simply mindset, you have always room for improvement. Each day, you can go out of your comfort zone and modify your routine to do something new to help you surpassing those barriers you see.

  • 2ndHelp everyone you can

Compassion is a key to high self-esteem and personal joy. You help others and they will reward you. Maybe with their elation that is contagious, their gratitude or with other recompense.

  • 3rdTry to change the world

In life you have just two options, whether you accept how the world is structured or you fight for what you want it to become. If you have ideas who are worth fighting for, what are you waiting? Thoughts are the tools for the action we take, they aren’t merely a suggestion!

Good luck and don’t be afraid to make your own decisions, great leaders made them even when none believed in them (e.g. Steve Jobs).

The True Story of The Imitation Game

I hadn’t the opportunity to see this film yet. But it seems quite interesting. When it arrives to the cinema I will see it… Meanwhile, here is an article unfolding the truth behind the film. 🙂


Big Think interview about Alan Turing:


Though The Imitation Game was largely based on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma, much of Alan Turing’s life is shrouded in mystery. Turing, played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the film, is credited as the father of computer science. He cracked codes produced by the German military’s seemingly unbreakable Enigma machine during World War II using math, engineering and still-to-be-invented computer science. But most of the documents tracing his work for the British government have been destroyed and little is known about Turing’s personal life.

Here’s what is likely truth and what is embellishment in The Imitation Game based on Alan Turing: The Enigma and the Turing Exhibition at London’s Science Museum.

Alan Turing’s first love, Christopher, died at a young age

Ruling: Fact

Christopher, an older student at Sherborne School in Dorset, was also interested in math. Turing harbored feelings toward Christopher, though Turing believed his love was…

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Celebrate Philae’s Comet Landing With These 3 Mesmerizing Music Videos

Beautiful videos to celebrate Philae probe landing on comet. Please follow this link to know more about it… 🙂


To celebrate the successful touchdown Wednesday of its Philae lander on Comet 67P, the European Space Agency released these three music videos inspired by the decade-long mission and scored by Greek composer Vangelis. The videos show an entrancing artist’s rendition of Comet 67P “dancing” in space, as well as an animation of Philae’s journey to the comet on the Rosetta spacecraft.

Philae will remain on the comet’s surface as it approaches the sun and will relay data back to Rosetta as it continues to orbit 67P. The mission is expected to end in December 2015.

“Philae’s Journey”

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[time-brightcove videoid=3887930974001]

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Did you know we need wasps in our figs?

I don’t really like to confirm this, but I have to… We really need wasps in our figs. In fact, figs need wasps as wasps need figs, this intrinsic relationship between this two organisms is known as mutualism and it’s a result of millions of years of evolution (more precisely 90 or 70 million years ago).  [1] This short video depicts this obnoxious truth.


Just clarifying the miserable life of male fig wasp, he spends his blindness life (literally) digging tunnels for females leave the fig and go deposit their eggs in a female fig. [2] By the way, producers take measures for having just a certain amount of fig wasps (see why in reference 2).

Well, you are probably wishing you have never read this… However, don’t blame me, I just shared what I learnt with HowStuffWorks or should I say HowGettingScaredWorks…

References and further reading.

[1] – Fig wasp – Wiki

[2] – Are figs really full of baby wasps? – HowStuffWorks


TED moments!

We love TED, it shares new ideas based on the activity of renown scientists, economists, artists, etc… It makes knowledge more accessible so we are proud to everyday share with you a TED video. Hope you enjoy it!


I decided to put here a TED-Ed video, I know that it isn’t a regular TED, however this video is special and takes only 7 min.!

In our academic life, as well as in our daily life, we’ve always found things that we couldn’t understand. And probably in most of the cases we entrust in others to decipher those things because we are not able to do it… In this brilliant talk Adam Savage, a former co-host in Discovery Channel series “MythBusters” and “Unchained Reaction”, attempts to debunk this assertion. From Eratosthenes to Richard Feynman, he presents us knowledge that started from simple ideas that everyone can discover from their experience.

Related to How can you measure Earth’s circumference with the sun? Eratosthenes answers…

Quoting corner!

A place for quotes from renown people. Quotes for meditation and acquiring different perspectives. Everyday quotes!


“To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.” – Johann von Goethe


Goethe (Stieler 1828) - Joseph Stieler
Goethe (Stieler 1828) – Joseph Stieler

Get ready to 5k resolution!

Some weeks ago, Apple released a new iMac with Retina 5k display. It has the same design and elegance, however it has 27 inches and 14.7 million pixels. This novelty is taking technology one step further. [1] I would love to have it… 😀


iMac with Retina 5k display - Apple
iMac with Retina 5k display – Apple













Meanwhile, one of my YouTube subscriptions “Jacob + Katie Schwarz” have already incorporated 5k resolution. They have astonishing videos, I suggest you to subscribe them. They present us nature revealed as never before.

References and further reading.

[1] – iMac with Retina 5k display – Apple