“The Sun” – Reflexion on what we learnt

“The Sun” – Our first week theme

"Handle on the Sun" 1999 - NASA/European Space Agency
“Handle on the Sun” 1999 – NASA/European Space Agency

It took awhile to do it but it has finally ended, a lot of research and passion for knowledge were the key ingredients for this magnificent result.

We learn so much and share what we learnt. Now you know about the sun and what is interesting about him.

  1. How the Sun sees you! – Our first post devoted to elucidating what is the electromagnetic spectrum and the electromagnetic waves released by the sun. After this brief explanation we saw how infrared sees us.
  2. How can you measure Earth’s circumference with the sun? Eratosthenes answers… – Eratosthenes an amazing polymath measured the earth’s circumference, and we reveal the way he made it. Ancient Greeks had always their heart in discovering the Universe.
  3. Sun exposure can make you live longer! – Have you ever heard about the sun’s benefits? Here we depict the most interesting finds about the curative values of the sun. Multiple Sclerosis and the reduction of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. If you haven’t seen it’s a must so be sure to click in the link!
  4. A Glimpse of the sun’s power: How the auroras are formed? – Ever wondered about how auroras are formed? Here you will find the answer, it is sure a glimpse of the sun power!
  5. Set the controls for the heart of the Sun – The title says it all, prepare and embrace what’s in the Sun’s core. New ideas that can change the world.
  6. (Exceptional) A Glimpse of the sun’s power II: How the rainbows are formed? – This is a continuation regarding some strange breathtaking effects that the sun offers us to marvel.


Also there was a post with two documentaries, while it is not an article it is definitively something that you have to view if you want to close this theme! (Documentaries “The Sun”)


The Sun’s structure

Thank you for voyaging through the Sun with me. Stay close for more travels arround different themes!

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