Life… for what is it worth?

Some days you just find yourself wavering in your purpose… Life…for what are you worth?

What do we seek for our lives? Is it money, love, friendship, recognition, improvement,…?
The definition of success and greatness varies from person to person. There aren’t absolute paths for everyone, each one of us has to make its own path. Some will prefer money, fame and stress. While others will prefer the joy of a modest lifestyle, with friendship, values and love. This haven’t to be divergent lifestyles, however, most of the times there are walls hindering the mixture between this two types of living.

If you are questioning what got me thinking in these deep matter, I will answer you. It was the video below.

For me the meaning of life is straightforward. You strive everyday for surpassing limitations, help everyone you can and try to change the world (sharing knowledge, ideas, and love).

  • 1st – Strive everyday for surpassing limitations

Whatever its fears, diseases or simply mindset, you have always room for improvement. Each day, you can go out of your comfort zone and modify your routine to do something new to help you surpassing those barriers you see.

  • 2ndHelp everyone you can

Compassion is a key to high self-esteem and personal joy. You help others and they will reward you. Maybe with their elation that is contagious, their gratitude or with other recompense.

  • 3rdTry to change the world

In life you have just two options, whether you accept how the world is structured or you fight for what you want it to become. If you have ideas who are worth fighting for, what are you waiting? Thoughts are the tools for the action we take, they aren’t merely a suggestion!

Good luck and don’t be afraid to make your own decisions, great leaders made them even when none believed in them (e.g. Steve Jobs).

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