Ted moments!

We love TED, it shares new ideas based on the activity of renown scientists, economists, artists, etc… It makes knowledge more accessible so we are proud to everyday share with you a TED video. Hope you enjoy it!


There’s an English proverb that says “necessity is the mother of invention”. I believe it to be incredibly truthful. We often don’t give any attention to problems which not affect us, nor our friends and family. However, when we experience let’s say for example a disease or some family member is afflicted by it, we change abruptly.

Kenneth Shinozuka was just four years old when in a stroll with his grandfather, he happen to experience one of the scariest moments in his life, as he recalls. His grandfather simply got lost…

This was a presage that later the family confirmed. His grandfather had Alzheimer’s disease.

Over the course of time his condition got worse and not only that but he also started wandering often.

So how did Kenneth turn the necessity to guarantee the safety of his grandfather into an invention? Well, that’s what you’ll find out in this 5min video.

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