Life… for what is it worth?

Some days you just find yourself wavering in your purpose… Life…for what are you worth?

What do we seek for our lives? Is it money, love, friendship, recognition, improvement,…?
The definition of success and greatness varies from person to person. There aren’t absolute paths for everyone, each one of us has to make its own path. Some will prefer money, fame and stress. While others will prefer the joy of a modest lifestyle, with friendship, values and love. This haven’t to be divergent lifestyles, however, most of the times there are walls hindering the mixture between this two types of living.

If you are questioning what got me thinking in these deep matter, I will answer you. It was the video below.

For me the meaning of life is straightforward. You strive everyday for surpassing limitations, help everyone you can and try to change the world (sharing knowledge, ideas, and love).

  • 1st – Strive everyday for surpassing limitations

Whatever its fears, diseases or simply mindset, you have always room for improvement. Each day, you can go out of your comfort zone and modify your routine to do something new to help you surpassing those barriers you see.

  • 2ndHelp everyone you can

Compassion is a key to high self-esteem and personal joy. You help others and they will reward you. Maybe with their elation that is contagious, their gratitude or with other recompense.

  • 3rdTry to change the world

In life you have just two options, whether you accept how the world is structured or you fight for what you want it to become. If you have ideas who are worth fighting for, what are you waiting? Thoughts are the tools for the action we take, they aren’t merely a suggestion!

Good luck and don’t be afraid to make your own decisions, great leaders made them even when none believed in them (e.g. Steve Jobs).


Sustain your emotions!

In this days, we need to be motivated. People are living stressful moments with no time to appreciate life. We often forget others and get to a point of being machines. We keep doing what we think we have to do for assuring our wealth. In spite of this we don’t feel well with ourselves. Actually as we untangle our ties we happen to face sorrow.

Not all of us are able to admit or even ackowledge this changes. However myriad of studies have found that we need to be linked to the world arround us, we have to find shared values in others and only this can make us living. Quoting Alan Watts

“I don’t know who I am unless I know who you are. And you don’t know who you are unless you know who I am.”

Don’t filter the world, by filtering it in the way it convenes you, you are distorsing reality. The world will never be the way you want it to be so you have always to make an effort to change what is wrong. When you stop trying and you trick yourself into believing that it isn’t your duty to help others you automatically stop being an human. To be human is to share humanitarian help, is to strengthen your relations with others, is to dream, is to prevent what is wrong and whenever you don’t do this you are being inhuman. Alan Watts also said:

“The more you give it away the more it comes back.”

We are empathy beings which means that when we see someone happy we share their happiness, when we see someone suffering we feel that suffer, when we see someone loving we feel that loving and so forth. Even thought we have this mechanism in our organism we forgot how to use it because we repressed it. When this happen, when you arrive to this state of being you stop feeling. You can have children and you won’t feel anything for them, you can have your soul-mate with you and you won’t feel nothing This is the one and only reason for divorces, for depression and for everything that makes you feel miserable.




University puts blogging on the back burner…

African proverb with image freely available from
African proverb with image freely available from

I love to find interesting stuff and share my ideas and what I’ve just discovered with everyone. However, I need to study for the university otherwise I won’t achieve academical success (which is my priority right now). For that reason I won’t be able to do posts everyday and I may just do them on the weekends.

What is changing…

“Week Theme!” is out! Every now and then I will do a detailed article on something I found interesting… “Daily Knowledge!” will stop being daily and become a “thrice a week knowledge”. I will use the twitter more often so be attentive to it!

Final note…

In spite of this changes I will continue fully committed to this project, I want to change the world. I want to choose the world on which I’m going to live. That world doesn’t need to be perfect but it has to be made of knowledge. A world where bigotry doesn’t exist. Where everybody has access to information and most importantly the means for understanding it. A world made by people who endeavour for becoming better everyday. In a world like this, religion wouldn’t reign our lives… Instead they would be ruled by our common sense of morals and ethics. I might be just a dreamer but if none dreamt the world would continue spinning and our lives would have no meaning whatsoever.


“The Sun” – Reflexion on what we learnt

“The Sun” – Our first week theme

"Handle on the Sun" 1999 - NASA/European Space Agency
“Handle on the Sun” 1999 – NASA/European Space Agency

It took awhile to do it but it has finally ended, a lot of research and passion for knowledge were the key ingredients for this magnificent result.

We learn so much and share what we learnt. Now you know about the sun and what is interesting about him.

  1. How the Sun sees you! – Our first post devoted to elucidating what is the electromagnetic spectrum and the electromagnetic waves released by the sun. After this brief explanation we saw how infrared sees us.
  2. How can you measure Earth’s circumference with the sun? Eratosthenes answers… – Eratosthenes an amazing polymath measured the earth’s circumference, and we reveal the way he made it. Ancient Greeks had always their heart in discovering the Universe.
  3. Sun exposure can make you live longer! – Have you ever heard about the sun’s benefits? Here we depict the most interesting finds about the curative values of the sun. Multiple Sclerosis and the reduction of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. If you haven’t seen it’s a must so be sure to click in the link!
  4. A Glimpse of the sun’s power: How the auroras are formed? – Ever wondered about how auroras are formed? Here you will find the answer, it is sure a glimpse of the sun power!
  5. Set the controls for the heart of the Sun – The title says it all, prepare and embrace what’s in the Sun’s core. New ideas that can change the world.
  6. (Exceptional) A Glimpse of the sun’s power II: How the rainbows are formed? – This is a continuation regarding some strange breathtaking effects that the sun offers us to marvel.


Also there was a post with two documentaries, while it is not an article it is definitively something that you have to view if you want to close this theme! (Documentaries “The Sun”)


The Sun’s structure

Thank you for voyaging through the Sun with me. Stay close for more travels arround different themes!

New blog style… and some thoughts.

We’ve change the blog, some previous pages have now turned into categories to be more accessible. The visual will keep the same, we just took some of the widgets and probably in the near future we might end with more widgets… It is all in name of the elegance and simplicity.

– My dear Blog…

I’m having few time to post so I will make some anticipated posts with configured dates to ascertain that the deadlines established are fulfilled…

“The Sun”, this theme is killing me, I should have ended this theme sometime ago but I have one more article for end this in the way I design it, I count to publish it tomorrow.

What follows next? I have some ideas for the next themes however I will still sink in that.

– Final note…

I have not yet got any feedback so If you want, you can be the first! I will be more than glad, I will be overwhelmed and thrilled. Further more, if you want to help me on this blog and make some articles than I will have no expression for my gratitude!

I have made some other posts on the category blog. Please see them before you want to join in.

Stay positive and devoted to learning!

Not the “fast food blog”, but the “slow food blog”!

You might wonder why we just make about one post per day and the reason is because this is starting and for now we have only one author… However the main reason isn’t that!

We want to make a cultural change, we want all our post to be read calmly.

All over the internet we find amazing blogs/magazines/journals and what they offer? They offer you a continuous track of information. How can you read everything? It’s an impossible task. I love knowledge so I thought how can I improve the world sharing what I love and I found that the best way was to create a blog that follows the idea that I like to call “slow food”, the term is an opposition to this fast society where everything is so spread that it lacks in order.

My promise for fulfilling this deed is to always listen to our readers. Everyone has a voice and everyone has the right to make use of their voice. I believe that our value is our ideas, our commitment to those ideas and the effort we put on them.

Follow this blog if you share this values and please, please, please make use of your voice! Create the world on which you would like to participate!

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Anne Frank – getty images


This blog will start in Monday, 18th August 2014 (this may not succeed because we are in our summer vacation, but we will give everything to accomplish our opening date).

This blog will have a theme for every week, and there will be at least one post weekly. We have only one poster for now, but we hope to count with more people. We have two members in the team so for now there will be few posts. This is a new project named “Project Changing Mentalities” our aim is to make knowledge accessible for everyone that has an elementary school education.

Our motto is Albert Einstein quote:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

This blog will be made by people (everyone can participate) for people, so I hope you help us making suggestions and participate in this blog by requesting us and post whatever you like but only if it teaches something factual to other people.

Learning is the greatest journey of our lives. Let’s do this journey together! Embrace the challenge!

Thank you for reading and please contact us if you have any doubt and follow the blog to keep track of the latest posts. 🙂

(Every posts are unfinished, there is always something more we can add so… they will usually be updated 😉 )