Beautiful Equations – BBC

“Beautiful Equations” is an extraordinary documentary about some of the most known equations and how did they changed the world. This documentary produced by BBC takes us in a journey through this wonderful world of mathematics.

You may think that math isn’t for you, however the main role is played by an artist and writer (Matt Collings)… This means that every equation is explained in order for he understand therefore we can also understand. I had a lot of fun watching this documentary and learnt a lot from a wide range of subjects. I just had to share this after posting a mathematical post :p Have a nice day! 😀


A Glimpse of the sun’s power II: How the rainbows are formed?

You found out how the auroras are formed. Now you will learn about rainbows.

Rainbows are not formed in the practical meaning of existence, i.e. they are not real. They belong to what we usually call optical illusions. Rainbows are caused by the reflection and refraction of light in water droplets. After this the light scatters into different colors because different colours have different wavelengths. This means that they will leave the water droplet at different angles hence making a “colour palette” (ROG. BIV). [1]

What is even more interesting is that the rainbows are full circles… Want to know more? Watch this two videos of SciShow!


As always I hope you learnt something new! 🙂 [2]


Minutephysics has just made a wonderful video explaining the origins of the acronym ROG. BIV. Watch it!

I’m going to categorize this under the week themes despite the fact that it doesn’t fulfill the requirements for it (i.e. it wasn’t posted during that time).

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A Universe From Nothing – lecture

This summer I finally managed to saw the movie “The Unbelievers”, a movie that I highly recommend (whatever your beliefs might be). After I watch it I made some research about Lawrence Krauss because I had never heard his name. I found a lecture he gave about the Universe and the current theories about it.

Krauss is Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University and director of its Origins Project. [1] He is a theoretical physicist who beseech explanations for cosmology. Particularly devoted to the themes of the begin of the Universe and it’s ending.
I’m fascinated about astrophysics and I have studied a bit of it (through minutephysichs, ed.ted and wikipedia) so for me it was an awesome way of giggling and have a good time learning more and remember about dark energy, dark matter, cosmic microwave background, etc… [2]
All this for saying that you might want to study a little (e.g. wikipedia), in order to fully understand the talk.
Hope you enjoy it and learn something!

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