Did you know we need wasps in our figs?

I don’t really like to confirm this, but I have to… We really need wasps in our figs. In fact, figs need wasps as wasps need figs, this intrinsic relationship between this two organisms is known as mutualism and it’s a result of millions of years of evolution (more precisely 90 or 70 million years ago).  [1] This short video depicts this obnoxious truth.


Just clarifying the miserable life of male fig wasp, he spends his blindness life (literally) digging tunnels for females leave the fig and go deposit their eggs in a female fig. [2] By the way, producers take measures for having just a certain amount of fig wasps (see why in reference 2).

Well, you are probably wishing you have never read this… However, don’t blame me, I just shared what I learnt with HowStuffWorks or should I say HowGettingScaredWorks…

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